Snow & Ice Management

Snow Plowing Services in Kittitas County

Crystal Clear offers plowing services 24 hrs/day so that when you arrive in the morning, the work has already been done! We offer custom solutions based on your needs and budget. Typically, service is started when snowfall reaches the agreed upon "trigger depth."

Snow Removal services in Kittitas County

Crystal Clear can re-stack snow piles or truck snow to an off-site location if needed.

Liquid Deicing/Anti-icing

Anti-icing is a pre-storm, liquid application which keeps snow, freezing rain, and ice pack from sticking to the surface of pavement. It allows for snow plowing to scrape a parking lot all the way down to the pavement, leaving no slippery film of ice. By choosing anti-icing, you can feel confident that you have chosen the highest service level available so that when a daytime storm occurs your lot won't become icy for the rest of the day until the after-hours plowing can take place.

De-icing is a post-precipitation application which is a heavier application of the same product. De-icing applications "burn off" heavy frost, frozen fog, freezing rain, and post-plowing glaze, as well as help break up snow and ice pack. Crystal Clear uses liquid Magnesium Chloride for it's ice melting services which is orders of magnitude less corrosive than rock salt and is the same product used by WSDOT in eastern WA. Magnesium Chloride is made from 100% natural minerals from the Great Salt Lake and is environmentally friendly.

Crystal Clear is here to serve you and your business in the cold winter months. We have the equipment & expertise to keep your parking lots, driveways, roofs, and sidewalks clear of snow and ice so that you can stay inside by the fire! Keeping your parking lots and sidewalks clear of snow and ice is paramount to customer and employee safety! Not only that, your valuable customers will remember if they had to slog through the snow, got wet feet, or slipped and fell in your parking lot. Don't give your customers a reason to shop elsewhere! Crystal Clear maintains a fleet of truck and equipment mounted snow plows, liquid de-icing trucks, OHVs with plows and ice melt tank (for sidewalks), as well as roof rakes and shovels. Crystal Clear is Ellensburg's full service snow removal company. Call today to be added to our routes!

Product Sales

Crystal Clear can provide bulk de-icer, bagged salt, and commercial snow shovels delivered to your place of business.

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