Commercial & Industrial Weed Control

Woodland Resource Services is a vegetation management company specializing in commercial and industrial weed control.  We understand the time and resources it takes to keep these weeds under control all season.  At WRS it is our mission to deliver the following benefits with our bare ground weed control program:

  • Save your business time & money, allowing you and your employees to use those resources for what your business does best
  • Protect your investment in your gravel lot
  • Eliminate the need to own, store, and maintain mechanical equipment
  • More effective and less costly than mechanical methods
  • Keep weeds from spreading further onto you and your neighbor's properties
  • Keep your property looking clean and professional
  • Reduce fire risk around buildings
  • Prolong the life of your building's foundation, siding, paint, etc.
  • Keep stored equipment visible and accessible
  • Improve security by keeping a clean, open appearance
  • Avoid slip, trip, and fall hazards for your employees and customers

We have many years of experience in industrial and commercial herbicide application through-out Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.  WRS features a team of licensed and trained applicators who enjoy and take satisfaction in a job well done!

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