Forestry Services

Woodland Resource Services is a vegetation management company that specialized in roadside brush and forestland noxious weed control.  We utilize 4-wheel drive spray trucks with computerized, chemical injection systems, highly versatile OHVs, & backpack sprayers.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Flagging Waterway Buffers According To Forest Practice Rules Prior To Treatment
  • Roadside Brush Control with Herbicide
  • Roadside Brush Control with Tractor Or Hand Slash Methods
  • Roadside & Off-road Noxious Weed Control

Flagging Buffers

As environmental concerns and regulations have increased, many customers are requesting our services in flagging waterway buffers according to Forest Practice Rules prior to spraying.  Our flaggers survey the roads on OHVs and, by working closely together with the spray applicators, provide a safe and accurate combination that is still much more cost effective than mechanical brushing.

Mechanical Brushing

  • Reclaim roads that are too overgrown to spray
  • Control brush in non-sprayed buffer zones (preserving the integrity of the ditch lines which helps promote roadside drainage)
  • Manage brush on road systems or properties where herbicides are prohibited

Roadside Spraying

When forest roadsides are sprayed on a 3-4 year rotation cycle, your timberlands will reap the following benefits:

  • Reduction in costly repairs & rebuilding of roads
  • Improved line-of-sight & safety around sharp corners
  • Open & accessible roadways for evaluation & maintenance activities throughout the crop life cycle
  • Well maintained road systems raise property values
  • Much more cost effective than mechanical brushing
  • Reduction in vehicle scratching & mirror damage due to overhanging vegetation

Noxious Weed Control

  • Roadside control is performed as a stand-alone broadcast or spot-treat application or in conjunction with brush control
  • Off-road control is performed with OHV mounted & backpack sprayers

We have many years of experience in roadside forestry spraying throughout Western Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.  WRS features a team of licensed and trained applicators who enjoy and take satisfaction in a job well done!

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