Farmstead, Ranch & Pasture Weed Control

 Are weeds taking over your pasture, rangeland, or ranch & being an unsightly nuisance?    Wish you could increase your pasture's forage production and reduce feeding costs?    Receive a notice of violation from the county noxious weed control board?

We specialize in small acreage weed control and grass stand improvement.  We understand your frustration with noxious weeds, high hay costs, and unsightly vegetation.  At WRS it is our mission to deliver the following benefits with our pasture/rangeland improvement programs:

  • Keep you in compliance with county noxious weed board requirements
  • Keep your property looking green, clean, & attractive
  • Protect your investment in a productive small acreage property
  • Keep weeds from spreading farther onto you and your neighbor's properties
  • Herbicide treatment is more effective and less costly than mowing or hand-pulling.

Pre-emergent Weed Control

Tired of  spending extra time and sweat on mechanical weed control such as mowing, pulling, or string trimming? Are weeds taking over your driveway or landscape bed and being an unsightly nuisance? Wish you could increase your property’s value but have a tight budget? Annoyed by your hotwire fence shorting out through the grass?

 Woodland Resource Services specializes in residential & farmstead weed control. We understand the time and resources it takes to keep these weeds under control all season. At WRS it is our mission to deliver the following benefits with our bare ground weed control program:

  • Save you time and money by reducing string trimming and pulling throughout the year
  • Keep your property looking clean & attractive--increase property value with minimal investment!
  • Protect your investment in your gravel drive & parking area
  • Reduce fire risk around buildings
  • Keep weeds from spreading farther onto you and your neighbor's properties
  • More effective and less costly than mechanical methods
  • Prolong the life of your building's foundation, siding, paint, etc.
  • Reduce slip, trip, and fall hazards
  • Protect fencing materials
  • Prevent vegetation from shorting out your hotwire fence

Call before spring rains are finished (mid-February through April) for optimal effectiveness. If landscaping is planned for the area in the next 24 months, request "soft mix" or "top kill" only. We provide one free mid-summer "touch up" of any weeds that may have broken through if needed.

Our Services:

  • Weed control
  • Fertilization
  • Harrow dragging (stimulate spring growth, spread manure piles)
  • Pasture over-seeding

The best time to spray weeds is when they are young (April-June & Sept-Oct). If you want broadleaf weeds AND grasses killed, request "total kill.”

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